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8 Commentsto Swine Flu

  1. Dor says:
    Mar 29,  · Since the swine flu was very different from seasonal influenza, vaccination with flu vaccines offered little protection. After the peak of illness in the U.S., a .
  2. Zuhn says:
    The virus is a "reassortant" -- a mix of genes from swine, bird, and human flu vir uses. Scientists are still arguing about what the virus should be called, but most people know it as the H1N1 Author: Daniel J. Denoon.
  3. Samugar says:
    Mar 12,  · How did we ever survive 60 million infected with the swine flu? But we did to the point that hardly anybody remembers it. And that's just 10 years ago, , hospitalized.
  4. Vugar says:
    Swine flu, or H1N1, moved from pigs to people in and caused a pandemic. It is now a relatively common type of flu, and most people have some immunity. Learn more here.
  5. Shaktijas says:
    Jan 30,  · “Swine flu,” caused by the H1N1 virus People attend the funeral of a person who died of the H1N1 influenza virus at Yay Way cemetery in Author: Rebecca Onion.
  6. Kazrajora says:
    Swine flu, also called swine influenza, hog flu, or pig flu, a respiratory disease of pigs that is caused by an influenza promonaghelcicyfiperlinanditoc.infoinfo first flu virus isolated from pigs was influenza A H1N1 in This virus is a subtype of influenza that is named for the composition of the proteins hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N) that form its viral coat. Since the s three other subtypes of flu.
  7. Shaktizil says:
    Swine flu is the name for the influenza type A virus that affects pigs (swine). Although swine flu doesn't typically affect humans, there was a global outbreak in to —the first flu pandemic in more than 40 promonaghelcicyfiperlinanditoc.infoinfo was caused by a then-new flu virus known as H1N1, an influenza virus that's a combination of swine, avian (bird), and human genes that mixed together in pigs and spread.
  8. JoJogrel says:
    “Swine Flu” The US Centre for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) estimated that , to , people died from (H1N1) pandemic virus infection in the first year of the outbreak. 80% of the virus-related deaths were estimated to occur in those.

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